Wednesday, May 30, 2007

peoples isms

middlenamehat: It always tickles me how peoples isms manifest. We had an incident at work...first let me tell you, I have never had an issue parking around my job. But yesterday I arrived at the job at 8:19, but did not find parking (even on the wrong side) until 9:10. So while I'm circling the block, neighborhood, Manhattan, a man followed his wife into the center and beat the living shit out of her. When his nine year old daughter begged him to stop he decked her in the face. Their other two children looked on in fear and horror.
You have to know that there are all women who work here, with the exception of the janitor. My friend wildfire is a lot like me...we will defend the weak and children, and stand up to anyone who does us wrong.
So while this man is kicking the shit out of his wife, wildfire attempts to break the fight up, but when she sees its gotten out of control (they were throwing papers, books, printers...yes, I heard it was horrible...he was punching, kicking and mopping the floor with her) she leaves and calls the cops...she also helps to push the fight out the door, pulls the wife back in and locks the door.
So, one teacher takes the worst child in the room, the child no one can control, and locks her self in the closet...the janitor, the only male on the premise, goes into the classroom where his girlfriend works and closes the door...the parents who were coming in stood there, with their children and watched the fight, and asked one another "ooooh, what happened?"...other teachers said "its not my problem" and continued giving breakfast to the kids...
I'm not saying to get involved, but DAMN, can you back up wildfire, stand with her, make sure to pull her out of harms way...
So the DA called wildfire and wanted her to make a statement, but she refused.

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The Bear Maiden said...

This is still very disturbing to me. One of the things that if I were in your job would haunt me for long time. And the fact that a statement wont' be made, and worse that no one back wildfire up (which is probably why she WON'T make a statement) is just awful. And it's why women don't leave. The next time someone says "I wonder why these women stay and get there asses beat" well, asshole, this is precisely why. Because finding people to take a stand for you, to back you up, let alone back up your witness, is very rare. God bless that woman, whoever she is, and I hope she finds the strength... Cuz the thing you figure out eventually is no one's gonna get you out but you.