Sunday, April 29, 2007

the weekend is over

So for those that don't know, I work two jobs...I work in the nursery during the day, and monday and tuesday nite I teach at a local college.
So more than likely you won't hear from me for a couple of days.
Pita and I got choclahontas to clean up, sortof...she has issues finishing stuff, but she finished and did a beautiful job...tho it took her ALL day.
I took Pita driving...he's going to take the test for his license in ten days, I don't think he's ready, but he's driving much better...I didn't have to hold on to my seat, or fear that he was going to sideswipe another car...I actually relaxed, yes I really did. He's going to be really good driver. I really like him, he has grown on me. We had a few screaming battles, but we got over it. He's helpful and will clean. You know that's important to me.
Everyone is snappy tonite...that's what happens when you live in a house of women...moodmagicbarbie is not looking forward to school...I will tell you that story in another post...and choclahontas is not looking forward to being in the house alone all day...hopefully it will be a nice day and she can get out.
I like to teach...I just want to go to bed before midnight...I walked my ass off (literally) yesterday and today...
...well folks...or me, if no one else reads this...I will talk to you later...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

why am I up at 8 on saturday?

I love tunner, but if I wanted to have a kid I would have one...there is nothing wrong with my plumbing.
So he slept with me last nite...that's okay except he turns circles and wants me to hold him tight in my arms...I called his mama at three and told her to come get him...
At seven-thirty I hear footsteps. I hid under my covers pretending to be asleep...maybe, just maybe they will go past my door...please let it be a ghost.
But no, I peeked out of my cover and I see bright eyes "MA...MA...". Goddamnit...he's handing me my phone and glasses...I sit up and he laughs..."ceamaeat" his language for cream of wheat, our weekend tradition...I made the girls pancakes, he gets "ceamaeat".
So now he's upstairs with pita, having eaten his "ceamaeat", choclahontas has gone off to dance, and I have to pull it together cause pita goes to work at eleven, moodmagicbarbie is off at a friends...thank God cause I needed a break from her, sometimes she's just too intense...
too bad I can't drink coffee (it makes my already strained nervous system go haywire, and I twitch like I have tourettes)...

Friday, April 27, 2007

I don't understand

So, I'm a clinical therapist in a therapeutic nursery...sounds good right? well I don't make over 30,000 and I work my ass off. I do many many jobs, some I don't mind...and some that just don't make any freaking sense.
Like my co-worker...she's supposed to have a masters, but the bitch can't write...I don't expect her to write like Ernest Hemingway, but can you put together a coherent sentence... I take pride in the reports we write...we are known in the district for having our shit together, but this bitch... I have to proof her reports...I make changes and explain the changes to her. Does she fix it? Hell no! she cuts and pastes and the reports are still lest she gets the name right...the other person forgot who she was writing about and by the end of the report the child had a different name and nationality...
I had to shake shit up... listen do your job or I'm going to do it... I don't care if you look bad... do what you are paid to do...
I really hope no one from my job reads this, they are REALLY going to hate me...
oh well,

Thursday, April 26, 2007

my first day

So my sis BearMaiden seems to be able to express her inner most thoughts via this vehicle, and has encouraged me to do the same... we will see how this goes as I am not a computer tekkie, and I don't know how to do the fancy stuff, nor do I care too. I can't do this without spellcheck, nor do I promise I will write everyday, or every week.
My life is hectic and complicated. Maybe this will allow me to sort it all out.
I'm one with my craziness, but not above learning when I need to tone it down.