Sunday, May 13, 2007

happy mothers day to all

I had a beautiful day to and the girls went to the gym (I got moodmagicbarb into the gym) and then to the track... I managed to run around the track one time without having to stop...its not that I'm a whale, but I have pins and plates in my leg...why you ask?

In December 1990, I was walking down the street and the parapet and the top floor of a building fell on me and choclahontas. She sustained a skull fracture, and was in a coma for a day, my friend broke his pelvis and was hospitalized for about four months, and I completely broke my leg right below the knee and right above the ankle. They had to do bone graphs, and put in titanium screws and plates to hold my leg together. Choclahontas was in the hospital for a week, and I was in for two weeks. My poor baby, her eyes were swollen shut for a few days, and she had raccoon eyes for months. Again, I wish I knew about the therapeutic nursery...she would have benefited so much...but she turned out OK.

so my leg doesn't really hurt anymore, but when I'm too heavy or if I walk/run to much my ankle especially will get stiff. Choclahontas lost about a year, but did come back up to her chronological age. I really don't know how the accident affected her, she does not suffer from headaches or memory loss (well, I take that back...she will swear she told me something that she didn't, or say something and completely deny saying that).

So we had a beautiful day...we went to the rock and visited Bear Maiden and the sun, who was glued to the DS... Bear Maiden made a lovely spread of fruit, salad and nuts...a really good "bear" meal...makes me think of the song "picnic time for teddy bears", my all time favorite song...

So tomorrow it's back to the grind, work and teaching...I'm going to miss teaching. I hope I get invited back next semester...the money is nice, but I genuinely love teaching.

Good nite all...I will see you in a few days, maybe then I'll have some profound thoughts and insights...

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The Bear Maiden said...

I'm really glad you all had a good time, especially you cuz I know you have your days when it's hard to relax. And I was thrilled with the food because you could eat it all. Despite the internal crap I have going on, I had a good day, too. That's funny about "Picnic Time..."