Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Mamahat: my birthday yesterday was very calm and peaceful until later...I went to the track...thanks to "fatlady" (who really has to change her name, but I respect why she calls herself that) I am on a mission.
I realized that they fixed the track by my job, so everyday this week at lunchtime I went. Part of the fun is sneaking (instead of sneaking that butterfinger *which really isn't that often*) so I changed in the back of the cheesebus (thank god for tinted windows) went for a quick jog/walk, and changed back in the cheesebus (thank god for wipes...LOL)...g0t back to work and no one knew the difference. It takes about forty minutes in total. I laugh every time and think of myself as "superman" changing in the phone booth.
Yesterday I jogged one time around, walked one time, jogged again and walked again. Today I did three times around (each- jogging and walking), starting with jogging and alternating with walking...that's a mile and a half (each time around is a quarter mile). That's a HUGE accomplishment as I couldn't jog my fat ass around the track completely without walking.
I've been off dairy for about three weeks, no yogurt or lactaid milk, and have felt one thousand times nasty farts (which I have to hold all day or I'll kill the squirrels and flowers, never mind my co-workers), no gurgling wonder I was bloated, I was full of anyway, Choclahontas made chocolate mousse (my former fav) and I ate some, but now I'm killing everyone around me...I'm worse than a, really...

So moodmagicbarb and choclahontas got into a tiff last nite...seems choclahontas said something moodmagicbarb took as an insult, MMB took her good Victoria secret bra and wore it, and C took her cell know sistershit, but it was annoying on my birthday.

Clinicianhat: I don't know if I told you this story, and I don't feel like looking over the blog to see if I did buy I have a client, he's five...his mother not only let him watch "chuckie", but told him he was "chuckie" and one Halloween drew "chuckies" markings on his face.
Needless to say, he has issues...his play centers on blood, violence and intimidation.
So last Friday when I went to the other site, he was having a very bad day. When we went in the room he attempted to swell up and intimidate me...I told him I'm not scared of you so you need to cut it out...he went through the motions, but I held my ground...he told me he's a big boy cause he's five, I told him not only am I bigger, but I'm thirty-nine...this went on for a while, then he told me he's gonna get a knife and cut my stomach until the blood squirts out...he was gonna cut my navel I said really, you still aren't scaring me...he replied that he's gonna cut all the teachers and named each I said if you had a knife, you'd do all this...he flipped, went under the table and said "no, I'm gonna cut myself till I bleed cause I'm a bad boy"... we worked through the reason why he feels that way, and I gave him coping skills besides cutting folks till the blood spurts out and then our time was up (it's hard to address all this in twenty-five minutes)...
I brought this interaction to the attention of the teachers when I took him back and they said "yeah, he does that all the time, he pretends he has a gun and tries to shoot us"...uh is it me or do you think homeboy has major issues? so anyway, I brought it to the attention of the clinical director, who was NOT ALARMED, and said to write a justification to the region so he can be evaluated...that can take MONTHS...I said "how about we call his mother and get him to the emergency room ASAP"... no, she didn't feel his behavior warranted that severe an action...WHAT?...I'm soo upset that I haven't even written the justification...I feel it will just get lost in the mounds of paper in her office.
What does this boy have to do to get help? actually stab/shoot someone? the assistant teacher, who is the ONLY one besides me who feels he needs more help that I can provide, said "I know he's gonna hurt someone some day".
So they wonder why some kids grow up and kill, hurt, abuse, and go just plain crazy...cause when they are five, no one thinks it's important to address the "minor" issues. I could go into the whole VTech incident, Columbine etc, but I don't think I need too...the writing is already on the wall.


The Bear Maiden said...

Re: your client-- poor baby. Till he does something then no one will feel sorry for him. Go ahead, write the justification. Maybe he'll get lucky.

Kablina said...

Happy Birthday, a little late! I'm glad you had a relatively quiet day. Hey, good for you, doing the exercise for yourself. I'm a real slug--trying to gear myself up to get moving.

Client-yes, poor baby. These attitudes are more than alarming! Do these folks really think those are normal speech and behavior patterns for children? Really?

Do write the justification. And keep writing for him! He is fortunate to have an advocate like you.