Friday, June 1, 2007

I want a new car

middlenamehat: I want a new minivan...I'm not being flashy or anything, but my philosophy is that with a car once it's a few years old, instead of fixing and fixing and fixing, you get a new one.
There are pros and cons of course.
the pros and cons of keeping the car:
-my car is paid for in full
-the insurance is 679 every
six months
-I have really low mileage (44k)

-the car is almost five years old
-its starting to shake rattle and roll
-bigbear and poppabear have to pay the insurance
because I can't do it and pay the payments...

But the new car has rear windows that go down and it's a really pretty blue color....
Alright...It really looks ridiculous on paper...DAMN...

So moving on...bearmaiden, I too obsess...the difference is the other person never knows it...I can have complete relationships in my head from beginning to end (minus sex of course...I'm not that sick to fantasize or act it out solo). I'm going to attempt to meet guys and have real relationships...but the ones in my head are soooo much STD's, HIV, issues and no bullshit...
There is a guy that works around my job. He is the groundskeeper. He is not the most handsomest guy in the world, but he is the sweetest...he has beautiful dreads down his back. For over two years, he has been a true gentleman whenever he sees me. He always speaks, if I'm pissed or down he reads my face and says something positive. I asked around and he, as far as anyone knows, is single and has been for a while.
Yesterday I had on yellow and white. He stopped me and told me how pretty I looked (without being vile or sexual as some are).
I told wildfire that next time I see him I'm going to ask him his name (cause I never bothered...I was having a virtual relationship with someone else, and wildfire wasn't sure). So today I saw him and he waved at me from down the block...I called him over and said "all the years we've been speaking and I don't even know your name"...his name is Darren, I told him mine and he complemented what a pretty name that was...but this is what got me. I was walking with bigbear who was visiting me at work...I said "oh that's my mom", he said "wow, she looks like you" but he walked over to her, introduced himself and shook her hand...WOW, don't see that often.
We will see what happens on Monday....

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