Thursday, June 5, 2008

Im feeling really bitchy today...

...I really get annoyed with folks and their bullshit...on the job front I was hired as a conduct play therapy with littlies with issues...thats fine, but I do so much more...that's ok, cause I love to work...
but things are progressing at such a pace that I am doing all the work, wildfire spends her days on the computer ordering shit (I do to, but I do it during lunch) and reading catalogs...I am in a fight to be direct supervisor asked to me write all I do...the following is an exert from that email...I want you to keep in mind that 2X3o means I see a child twice a week for thirty minutes and 1X30 is once a week for thirty if I see nineteen children that's nineteen hours of therapy...I work from 8:30 t0 3:30...but in reality my day does not start till nine and I generally leave at three...

As requested I am writing down my responsibilities. I have estimated the time for each.

This school year I am responsible for nineteen children:
eight uptown- seven 2X30
one 1x30
eleven at VD- nine 2X30
two 1X30

Intake: the bulk of this is conducted between September and November.
organize and review reports- 30-60 minutes per child
make appointments for school visits- 20 minutes overall
conduct school tours- 60 minutes per child
follow-up with you, (the other social worker), the region, the clinicians and teachers- 60 minutes per child.
meet with parents to get consents signed and tell them about the school day, curriculum, and policy- 60 minutes create files- 30 minutes per chart
document first attends and file in chart- 10 minutes per child
inform clinicians of their caseload- 20 minutes

Placement: January to May
organize and review aging out reports- 60 minutes per child.
Collateral meeting with teachers and clinicians- 60 minutes per child.
parent meeting- 60 minutes
psychologist observation and meeting at VD- 60 minutes per child.
aging out meeting at the region- 60 minutes per child.

Annual Reviews
: on-going throughout the year
make lists of when an annual are due (and keeping them current)- 10 minutes per child
write social history updates- 30-45 minutes per child
write updated treatments summery- 30-45 minutes per child
gathering reports and reviewing them with supervision- 60 minutes per child.
attend CPSE meetings- 60 minutes per child.

Maintance of Files: insure files are in compliance with NYS and DOH guidelines.
make lists of when an annual are due (and keeping them current)- 30-45 minutes per list
make lists of when an medicals are due (and keeping them current)- 30-45 minutes per list
update address list- 30-45 minutes per list
insure notes are filled in proper sections- 10 minutes per chart

Evaluations(for VD)
conduct social history- 60 minutes per child.
coordinate evaluation appointments- 30-45 minutes per child overall
organize and review evaluation out reports- 60 minutes per child.
conduct parent outcome meetings- 60 minutes per child.
attend CPSE meetings- 60 minutes per child.
collateral meeting with you, (the other social worker) and staff if child is potential-60 minutes per child.

now understand that the Maintance of files is wildfires job...making the list is wildfires job...taking shit to the region is wildfires job...she gets paid 25,000 to do what?
I'm not one to blow up folks spots...I really don't like conflict and confrontation...but this shit is really crazy...I don't even want her fired, but somebody needs to supervise her and make her do her job...
so I had bonding time with my boss and the clinical director- who told me I was falling down on the job I was hired for, for which I totally agree- and told them "well, if you want me to do my job, get that bitch to do hers"...

now I really like wildfire as a person and friend, but she truly sucks as a co-worker...if we get audited we are screwed cause our charts are out of compliance...I told the folks that be that, so it's no longer on my head...told bosslady that she better do a chart audit...told her I'm no longer fixing the charts and when she finds an issue, don't come to me...

there is also an issue with wildfire and the fundraiser she is very honest, but recently she has been very forgetful...I will give her gum, she forgets where she put it...she can't remember to go to the classroom and take a message...she gets very edgy when I remind her, or encourage her to do something I asked, or something that needs to be done now I have to babysit her and gently remind her what she was doing/saying...

case in point...we had a bus issue...she had to call the parents to tell them school was not closed...normally I do that, but this day she wanted to work (partly cause I told her I was reporting shit to bosslady)...I watched her make three phone calls...she said she was doing it in small groups...she sat down and forgot what she was doing...I said "you were calling the parents"...she said "fuck that shit, they will be alright", but in a few minutes she sheepishly asked me "why was I calling the parents again?" she's young, not on drugs, and is not being distracted...I am worried about her and jokingly said (everything has to be said jokingly or she takes offense) "I'm telling your doctor that you're forgetting everything"...she said "yeah I'll tell her"...

so folks, that on top of choclahontas being 21 and moodmagicbarb being 13, and bearmaiden being upset over youngthang, I'm pooped!!!!!

but I scored some really really cool red BCBG shoes and a flowing silk shirt t match...think I'm gonna wear it to the company cruise THAT NO ONE NAMED BIGBEAR OR BEARMAIDEN WILL ACCOMPANY ME TO...that's ok, Ima bond time with my boss and co-workers...


sista gp said...

I know someone who has memory issues. Doctors told her it is caused by a lifetime of irregular sleep patterns. She had kept at least 2 jobs concurrently, many that had fluctuating shifts. Her condition is in research and analysis stage now and on disability.

The Bear Maiden said...

I'm sorry I can't go on your cruise. I'd love to... but the Sun's last day is that day, his last day in third grade, his last day with Hotteacher, and I'd really like to be there to say "goodbye", to thank her for all she's done for my kid... and then we may be going on some violin/fiddle camp I truly can't afford but I know my kid would LOVE to do...

And don't worry about me and my upsetness, but I do appreciate that you care and understand and aren't lecturing me about it. I just have to accept, is all... but I'll be OK.

Your description of wildfire makes me worry, too... that's not cool. But I'll say this: you do have a tendency to "take on"... and I say you're right to let it go. Let them deal with her.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

dang i aint never been on a cruise and u dont sound bitchy to me sister have a great weekend