Tuesday, July 3, 2007

did you hear about the new barbie line?

its the new DSM IV barbie line... here are a few of the new dolls:

Moodmagic Barbie- youre already familiar with her...her mood flips from happy to sad to angry at the bat of a barbie eye

ADHD Barbie- formally known as choclahontas...is easily distracted, and flits from one thing to another, without ever finishing a thing

Flip and Switch Barbie- formally known as Dissociative Identity Barbie, she goes by many different names and wears many hats...the orginal name was not catchy in test trials

Scizo Barbie- its the voices bearmaiden, its the voices

Copy Me Barbie- copying can be good...

and not to be left out is the BabyDaddy line:

Doom and Gloom Bill- claims to self destructs at sixty-four...but is indestructable and has outlived all the other Ken dolls, also know as Cannabis Bill

Paraniod Antisocial Ken- likes to be by himself on the shelf...is the only talking doll, mutters "hair", "mine" and "never" repeatdly.

Mental Ken- has to many issues to list, but has the best body of all the Ken dolls

Then there is the baby line:
Mountain Climber Ken- is the only wind up doll...wind him up and watch him climb walls, ladders, chairs, fish tanks, etc.

Action Ken- is really the only normal doll in the line, but does have a high-pitched cry when not given its way...engages in all activities...

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