Tuesday, July 17, 2007

bearmaiden has outdone me...

and not in a bad way...I start my day by checking her blog...she is such a good writer and has such stories to tell that sometimes I feel overshadowed by her (and I always have)...so I often don't write as much cause quite frankly my thoughts are not so insightful and eloquently put.
My life is grape juice to her wine (and sometimes my juice is sour or bitter)...I don't think that much cause for me once the issue has been presented and dealt with, its out my mind.
She remembers so much about Jamaica, and kept her diary obsessively...mine usually says "got up, got dressed, ate, went to bed"...but then I was only eight or nine...
The funny thing is I have never been in competition with my sister...what is hers is hers and I find another interest. I have always been free to be me, but if I see that she is shining, even if I had an interest, I would back off. I don't do that with my girls...I encourage them to share the same interest, but know that they will both do it differently. I don't want them to not pursue an interest just not to step on their sisters toes (which on my own is what I did- I always wanted to play piano, but didn't cause music was bearmaidens thing).
Having sisters is a funny thing...I see it with my girls and their sisters (from the idiotbabydaddy). They fight like cats but let someone mess with one, or say something dumb, or the sisters do something dumb, and all hell breaks loose.
Its nothing like having a sister...


Fat Lady said...

Your thoughts, what you have to say and how you write it are all so different from your sister's that there's really no comparison.

You both of so much to share - so much insight, so much experience. Don't hold back or limit your voice because hers is out there too.

To compare bear maiden's writing and yours isn't quite like comparing apples and oranges...if anything, to follow your analogy - if her writing is wine, yours is caviar, or fruit and cheese or something else that is both wonderful on its own but also makes an incredible companion to wine.

If I didn't know either of you and just happened across your blogs, both of them would find their way to this that I have to check everyday. And I wouldn't even compare them at all - I would just enjoy the points of view, the bits of information and thoughts that help me see the world in a brand new light.

The Bear Maiden said...

I'm glad the Fat Lady commented first, and she's the one that hipped me to check here.

It's funny cuz in writing all our (mis)adventures I'm often struck by what a big "I'm sorry!" I owe you. Susie. Cantaloupe. The Eric & Johnny Game (I haven't even gotten to that, yet). The thing is, you *are* my complement. My sanity. My acceptance of my neurotic and obsessive tendencies... because you made me see that not only am I neurotic and obsessive, it's OK so long as I figure out how to navigate being neurotic and obsessive. I frequently tell people that your education is the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Which sounds completely narcissistic, but the point is I can relax now. I know I'm crazy. And I know you understand that.

And you can write; you can read and write technical things and make them understandable. That's a HUGE skill, and I hope you continue. And Fat Lady is right... you are the caviar to my wine (or the good brie, if you prefer).

Plus... you have an MSW! I have two Associates. You have excellent credit! I had to rebuild mine. From scratch. You have an MSW and will be able to pay off ALL your loans in a few years. I have two associates and will NEVER pay off my loans. You can drive. Even better, you have a fully paid for car! My learner's permit expired after 10 years. And traffic scares me. And the biggest thing... you, at 18, were mature enough to be the Diva's mommy. You raised her. Me, at 21, there's no way I could have done that then... and I knew it. Hell, you had your own beauty parlor at 18. I blew through $10K at 18; drinking and partying.

I never knew you wanted to play piano. You should learn how. I never did :)

I love you, sis.

professor said...

*sob* thank you...I love you too sis...and *sob* thank you too fatlady.