Tuesday, August 28, 2007

all is well

landlady redeemed herself...I sent an email, not nasty, and she did not respond. However later in the afternoon the locksmith came and installed a very expensive pickproof lock...I saw her and she really didn't want a confrontation (which I would never do) I told her I wasn't mad and I still loved her...so I guess she doesn't want me out and I was making her issues mine.

So while I was perusing craigslist I found a post on the misc section where a dude was asking for someone to talk to...his post said he was not looking for a hookup but he was getting divorced and was really hurting...I sent words of encouragement. He responded and we've been in contact. Now, he has not come on to me at all, nor do I get the feeling from his posts that he is psychotic (though I could be wrong). He has been forthright (too a point I know).
So we exchanged pictures and he is cute...again, this is not a hook-up...I'm leery of hooking up with anyone on the web...
But I count this as my introduction to cyber-friends...its kinda cool, now I see why bearmaiden spends HOURS on the computer...but all this will end next week when I go back to work...back to the real world...

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