Sunday, June 24, 2007

its good to be with friends...

yesterday was the rummage sale...funny, my kid graduated last year, but I sill participate in all school activities and so does moodmagicbarbie (who today is not gay THANK GOD- she's feeling white boys...whatever).
Everyone was there...lilacblu with her beautiful haircut, ladybug...who is a true girly-girl with her really girly-girl short haircut that she was REALLY feeling, fat lady (who was looking really good, but I choose not to say to her...I don't know why), her beautiful girls (lilmama is a moodmagicbarbie twin) the marriedcouple who I really adore (as one LOL) and their two, bearmaiden and the sun...who was being all boy...and later bigbear, not looking her age at all in a dress, leggings and fly shoes... choclahontas and pita stopped by to drop off tunner...and moodmagicbarbie, who usually hates functions (she gets anxious around crowds- although she did sit in the car a few times to get away and regroup) actually had a good time...she went off withflydiva and divamom later to long island to sit on a real beach.
We later went to another parents house for an impromptu gathering (who incidentally lives two floors above landlady in the same apartment), which was cool.
It was a really nice day...everyone got along, no one fought or argued, and the PA seemed to have made a fair amount of money for the school.

But today is another story...choclahontas and pita are continuing their fight... tunner came running and screaming into my room this morning refusing to be with his parents..I had to jump in their shit about the room and house, and they are cleaning in between yelling, crying and throwing shit...but right now all is quiet...

I'm off to soon

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