Wednesday, June 6, 2007

schools over

professorhat: today is my last day of teaching my first semester of college. I have to say it was a wonderful experience. I was told by the department head that I will be back next year. My students expressed to me that they really enjoyed the class and asked what I will be teaching next semester cause they wanted to be with me. One student was so upset that she walked me all the way to bigbears house. I told everyone to feel free to email me. Its funny when you spend fifteen weeks with a group. You really bond, and get to know one another.
I was a totally different person leaving this college than when I entered. I told all my professors that I would be back to teach, to give the students what was given to me. I found my voice at this school, I explored and found out who I was, and what I wanted in life. I was able to stand up to the jackass and get rid of him (it took a few years to completely get him out of my system). My Spanish sisters taught me about going to get the hair blown out, mani/pedi's, lip gloss. That's where I first started losing weight, seeing my beauty, learning the tricks of flirting.
This school took me in a direction I never believed I could go in. I did it, and with a damn good GPA...points short of a honors degree. When I fell, there were so many hands picking/holding me up. Some of my friends I still keep in touch with...we look out for each other, get each other jobs.
So I fulfilled my promise... I came back and shared the knowledge. As I looked out over my class for the last time, I saw the look that I once gave my professors...the look of knowing, of understanding...and they all did damn good on the final, and it wasn't easy!

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The Bear Maiden said...

YOU GO, SISTER PROFESSOR! I am SO proud of you. You who wore pink shorts and white tights for gym in High School, and consequently had to take Gym in HS. They said you'd be the one to be good with your hands. HAH! Oh, and the zigzag ride you took us on, the armory in the closet, the whispered rumors, the disappearing act you pulled. "Where's your sister?" Bigbear wanted to know. "I dunno" I said, and I didn't!


It was one thing--you graduating and getting those letters after your name... but to add Prof to it, too! I'm proud. And so happy you'll be back next year. That's just awesome.