Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm fucken Pissed...

after spending 165 on a multi-use charger the lap top is not won't boot up...SHIT SHIT SHIT...
I swear...I'm bout the throw the thing in the garbage...

I'm pissed
that the world
does not go according
to my plan

I'm pissed
that for every step
I take
I always seem
to stumble and drop
my bundle of progress

I'm pissed
that money
is always an issue
an open sore
a festering wound

I'm pissed
that my children
are giving me grays
silver is spouting faster
than the spring weeds

boy oh boy
am I pissed
that I'm not
and married

but I'm not pissed
I'm blessed

blessed that I can take that step
blessed that I can pick up my bundle
blessed that time heals all wounds
blessed that gray hair signifies
knowledge, wisdom
blessed that my children
are with me
to annoy me
blessed that I can
carry a heavy load
cause I'm strong

1 comment:

BigBear said...

I hope you're keeping a collection of your poems 'cause you working on a book. Maybe we have a big fat family book of poems and pics and ruminations, cause the world never heard voices like ours before and that's fo' sho'